6 Things To Get For Your Winter Wardrobe


It is this time of the year again, when you need to get your winter wardrobe sorted. And what could be better than getting some new stuff for it?

Here is my quick list of what you need to get this winter:

Coat with a character!


Make sure you get a new, impressive coat in your favorite style. This year, says various designers, the coat to get is in the bright shades like white or light pink.

Woolen Hat with a Brim

Top Shop HatThis hat does not only look good, but it also keeps you warm in the cold winter days.

Knee High Boots

Kurt Geiger BootsYes, these boots are back in the trends! They are very sexy, give special character to your appearance and look amazing with a short skirt, but you already know that!

Bootcut Jeans

Massimo Dutti Jeans

This year, it’s time to say goodbye to the skinny jeans and say hello to the bootcut models.
Once again this confirms that fashion trends do come back after few years.

Warm Fur Vest


Zara vest

You can wear it as an overcoat or even under your coat and it would still look nice and fashionable. One thing is for sure, it will keep you warm!


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