As December is already here, it is time to start planning our festive wardrobe and what to take with us for the holidays!

Here are few suggestions of what you need for your perfect holiday wardrobe:

  1. Christmas Jumper

Bring up the Christmas spirit by getting one of these fun Christmas Jumpers.  You can take great picks in it and support the  Christmas Jumper Day!

2. Warm Jacket

Make sure you take a warm jacket with you, unless you are travelling to an exotic place! It can get extra cold over the Christmas break, so it is always nice to keep yourself warm and not let the weather keep you away from all the fun outside the house!

3. The Best NYE Dress!

Make sure you start the new year right by looking stunning in an amazing elegant dress.


4. Comfy Outfit

To make your travel as pleasant as possible, make sure you take some comfy jeans and jumpers with you. It’s is great to look good, but it is even better if you feel comfortable in the same time.

5. Easy to Match Handbag

If I could, I would take all of my handbags with me when travelling. However, this is impossible, so I try to stick to one or two that I love and are easy to match to different outfits.

6. A pair of UGGs

It is always good to have a pair of nice, comfy and warm boots with you, and UGGs has it all!


And of course, don’t forget to take the presents for the family!


Love, Tina J x




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