Total Black Look

Hi All,

Hope you are having a nice weekend! As it’s Sunday it is about time I share this week’s look with you.

Its the end of February, but the weather in London is still cold and grey..

So this week I chose a completely black look, as you can never go wrong with that colour! Especially during the cold months.

I love going to Canary Wharf on the weekend as it is always so clean and quite with barely any crowds. A combination of thing you can’t easily find in London..

Sooo, if you want to find a peaceful place for shopping or lunch/dinner on the weekend, Canary Wharf is your place!

I decided to go for ALL BLACK this time, not only because it is one of my favourite colours, but also as it makes you look thinner (and who doesn’t want that)!

I combined my fav fedora hat with simple black top and the so popular for this season cardigan with leather strips. The strips and the hat give an accent to the look and even though it is all black, it stands out due to all these details..

To make the look more elegant, I wore black polyester trousers, as the material makes a good contrast with the cotton cardigan.

I love large handbags, but sometimes on the weekend it’s just easier to grab a small clutch and forget about carrying 1000 things with you…So the leather boots and the small Michael Kors clutch were the  perfect finish for the look, as they match the leather straps and make your outfit more sophisticated.

I wore:

Hat – Forever 21 | Top – Top Shop | Cardigan – Zara | Clutch – Michale Kors

Trousers – Marella | Boots – Casadei

Photography by Akanjee Nizam

Love, Tina J x


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