Pink for Spring?

It’s Easter time and what could be a better color to celebrate the beginning of the Spring than Pink?

I am a total Pink LOVER! In fact, when I was little my mum used to dress me all in pink…The other kids would even joke that I am just like the Pink Panter, always in pink.



Well, a lot has changed since my PINK days, but my passion for the color still remains!

I particularly like bright pink, as it attracts all the attention and makes a great contrast with my hair and skin. So, for my latest look, I chose a Zara bright pink blazer and Gucci shoes with pink details.

As the weather is still not that great in London, I used my other favourite color – black, as it matches the grey atmosphere.

This outfit is a great example of how you can brighten up a total black look with only one item in another color and few matching accessories. Here I used earrings with the same bright pink color crystals!

I also used a black classic straw hat to make the look more interesting!

I was wearing: 

Shoes – Gucci| Trousers – Marella| Top – Zara| Blazer – Zara| Hat – Forever 21| Clutch – Michael Kors

Photography by Akanjee Nizam

Love, Tina J x


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