Summer Blue Vibes

What I love the most about the summer is feel of heat on your skin and the green you see everywhere. It is the time when the nature is all back to life, everyone seems to be much happier and you just have the feeling of going out and celebrating just the fact that it is finally summer!

I am one of these people who absolutely hate the winter. I can easily stay in bed all day if it is cold outside..

However, ones the sun is out I like to spend as much time outside surrounded by the nature, as possible!

The only bad thing is..I am not based in the warmest country..  The hottest British summer on record remains that of 1976 (average temperature of 17.8C); while the coldest was in 1725 (average 13.1C).. But there is still hope in me that this summer will be the one to beat the record of 1979!

One of my favourite colours for the summer months, as you have already seen, are baby blue and white! These are exactly the colours I have combined in my latest look.

I love wearing bright colours especially in the summer, as they make your look more exciting!

White I love for its purity, wholeness and completion. It is the color of perfection after all.

For this week’s outfit, I have combined a few styles in one.


I used mirrored sunglasses, which are still very chick, a vintage looking polka dot top and contemporary baby blue trousers.


To make the look a bit more extravagant I used feather clutch and white pointy heels with see through details. I also used pearl earrings to match the vintage look of the top.



I was wearing:

Sunglasses – Liu Jo | Top – Topshop | Trousers – Zara | Shoes – Zara

Photography HR Captures


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