TKMaxx – My Secret for a Perfect & Affordable Look

Have you ever thought what the best thing is for you as a shopper? What would you like to get when you go out shopping? Is it the affordable price that attracts you, the excellent quality or the diversity of products offered?

Well, no matter what your answer is, I have the perfect place for you – TKMaxx. It has all you could possibly want in one place: great quality, a wide range of products, new arrivals every week and great prices.


For me, the most important thing when I go out shopping is to be able to find everything I need in one place. I hate spending endless hours trying to go around all shops, in order to find the things I need for my next outfit. What I also love is a variety of different products at the same place – sometimes you don’t know what you are looking for until you actually see it, so a wide range of brands and styles is crucial for me. Of course, I also love high-quality items, but what could be better than getting them for a good price? Well, at TKMaxx you get all you need at a price at least 60% less than the RRP!


I mean, don’t you love that feeling when you find the item you were looking for and it is up to 60% discounted?

As you have probably guessed, my look this week is completely inspired by TKMaxx. I went to one of their stores on the weekend and I got so many nice things, that it was veeery hard to decide which look to put on for this week’s shoot (you can see most of my TKMaxx shopping here)!

As the weather in London has been quite cold for the past few days, I decided to go for a more wintery look.


This week, I decided to put on a pair of long boots, as it is all about them this season! I picked a black pair of those in velour (£39.99) and combined it with a pair of black leather leggings (£12.99) to create a contrast between the materials. The boots have block heels, so they look very elegant, but are extremely comfortable at the same time.

I matched them with a black cosy jumper (£16.99), which has various sparkling threads in purple, gold and green, as it looks very festive. I mean, Christmas is just around the corner, right? To finish up the look I used a very stylish poncho in black & white (£24.99) and a pearl necklace (£12.99).


The look is perfect for a day in the office or a dinner date as it is very elegant, stylish and comfortable at the same time.

I am sure you have calculated this already, but my look cost me less than £120. Of course, each one of these items can be used in various combinations with other things in your wardrobe, so eventually, you have at least 3 – 4 new outfit options for this price.


Hope you liked this week’s look and don’t forget to keep an eye on my Instagram for more TKMaxx inspired looks coming up soon.

Wearing: TKMaxx

Photography: Myeyeswide

Love, Tina J X


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