Walking into Autumn with Upbra

Hi guys,


Hope you are all well! Sorry for not posting anything here for the past week, I just came back from London Fashion Week and I did not have any free time at all!

I went back to Barcelona for a day and now I am in Sofia for Sofia Fashion Week. So during the little free time that I have, I wanted to share with you what is my lifesaver during fashion month – the perfect bra!

I have discovered Upbra a couple of months ago and since then we have been inseparable! I have shared with you before one of their models, which I absolutely love, but this time I want to talk to you about their strapless bra!

I find it extremely hard to find a bra that fits well, but when it comes to strapless bras it is pretty much mission impossible. They are either not stable or they give you zero cleavage! So until I found Upbras I really struggled with my strapless looks.

Their strapless bra is not only very stable but also gives amazing cleavage, which is usually only achieved with tightened straps. The mechanism which upbra has inside the bra allows you to control the cleavage and the lift completely and provides you with the best push up effect I have ever seen on a strapless bra.

The bra which I am wearing here is the solid red! The same bra also comes in 4 different colours and the price is only $89. So if you have experienced the same problems as me in finding a good strapless bra look no more! Upbra is what you need in order to feel comfortable and confident in your strapless outfits.









I was wearing: 

Bra: Upbra I Trousers: Femme Luxe I Shoes: Zara I Raincoat: Bershka



Tina J xx


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  1. Ismila
    September 24, 2018 / 3:58 pm

    Your look is incredible! Also love the bra color 🙂

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