Sketch – The trendiest place in London

When it comes to cool & trendy places, there are hardly any cities which can compare to what London has to offer!

As a cosmopolitan place, London is full of amazing restaurants and bars, and to top it off, there is a new place coming up every week! You can never get tired of what the city has to offer and you need months before you manage to visit all the amazing places!

It certainly took me a while, before I can make my own list of ´´best places in London´´, but I can guarantee you that all the places in this list are must-visit spots!

One of the top spots on my list belongs to Sketch! What is Sketch and why is it so special? I will tell you now!

As I am sure you can already guess from my intro, Sketch is a restaurant. However, it is much more than just a restaurant!

Sketch consists of four different areas. It has a Michelin star restaurant, a fantastic room for tea and breakfast/brunch and two bars. The design is fascinating and each room has its own spirit, which also makes the place uncomparable to any other restaurants. Sketch also holds art exhibitions! Right now, for instance, until the 14th November, it is hosting a ´´Blown Away´´ exhibition, which explores how hand-blown glass interacts, diffuses, projects and reflects light.

We had dinner at the Lecture room, which is a two Michelin Star Restaurant and has the best decor you can imagine – it is pretty much all in pink!

The menu as everything else at Sketch is very original, so it took a while before we can decide what to go for! Also as you can see from the pics below the cocktails are very original too! Mine was in a shape of a flower in a pot and tasted amazing!

We were extremely happy with the food we tried, but what was my absolute favourite from the menu was the Chantilly Lace starter! That was the best black rice I have ever tried! Combined with the lobster bisque the taste was just incredible! Believe me, you have to try this dish when you go to Sketch!

What is also fascinating are the toilets at Sketch! They are in the shape of an egg and the ceiling colourful decoration in contrast with the surrounding white walls is simply incredible (scroll down to see a pic)!

If you are not currently in London, you should at least visit Sketch´s website! It is interactive and certainly the best restaurant website I have ever seen! You should also check out their Instagram page, so you can see the design of each room!


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Tina J xx


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  1. Laura
    October 3, 2018 / 12:56 pm

    It is one of my fav place is London too!

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