Beach Time with Blackbough Swimsuits

I am sure you have seen on my Instagram stories that I just came back from Dubai!

I spend just over a week in the Emirates and enjoyed my time there a lot! I am a summer person and as soon as I hear the word Winter I panic. For that reason, once I realised that December was soon approaching I had to plan a getaway to a warm place!

Dubai is one of my fav destinations in the Middle East and as I didn´t go there for the past couple of years, I decided to pay this marvellous city another visit!

It did not take me long to plan the trip or to pack my luggage! The super excitement of going to my fav warm weather was real!! In fact, I always find it easier to pack for a summer holiday than for a winter one, simply because you do not need to wear 10 layers at once to keep warm!

Besides, when going to a beach place you do not need much than a couple of swimsuits with you! Dubai is much more than just a beach destination, but I spent a couple of days on the Palm, which for me is the perfect resort place!

As such, my plan was to ONLY wear swimwear and chill by the pool all day long! To ensure that everything will go well with my plan I did a bit of shopping on Blackbough Swim website! I have discovered their swimwear recently and I am absolutely in love with them!

I love bright colours and a variety of prints, but it is not always easy to find bikini that offers such variety! On top of that, I find it super hard to get a pair of swimwear in which I love equally the top and the bottom part!

Well, this is not an issue with my bikini shopping anymore as Blackbough has the variety of colours and prints I have been looking for and each of them comes in a different top and bottom styles, which you can mix and match until you get the dream swimsuit! Isn´t that amazing!

Once I wore them on the beach I was even happier to find how comfy they are and how quickly they dry after you have been in the water! Something I really hate about swimwear is when they take ages to dry and stay wet on your body for hours..Not the case with Blackbough!

As I said, my plan was to live in the bikini for a couple of days, so I did get quite a few Blackbough swimsuits! You can see the different styles below:







Which one is your fav? Let me know and don´t forget to check all of their models here!



Tina J x


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