Dubai Dessert Safari with Arabian Adventures

This week I am sharing with you some of the content I have created during my recent trip to Dubai! One of the most favourite experiences during my visit was the desert safari with Arabian Adventures!

The dessert is one of the places which has always amazed me! It is so beautiful and peaceful, I can spend hours just looking at the endless dunes of sand! I have been to a desert safari before and even though some people are on the opinion that if you do it once there is no much point of going again, I enjoyed safari as much as I did the first one! Maybe I just have a thing for the desert, who knows!

Once I had the trip to Dubai booked I knew I want to go back to the desert and shoot there! The only thing I was not sure about was what to wear for the shoot! I have seen many influencers post wearing gowns in the desert and the pictures really look stunning! However, I wanted to create something different and more authentic, that coincided with the spirit of the Middle East.

So I spend the day before the safari exploring the goods at the Old Souk. The Old Souk is a street market which has a variety of local items. It is, in fact, one of the few places which have preserved the spirit of the old UAE before the skyscrapers and all the luxury infrastructure. It is certainly a place I would recommend you to visit if you visiting Dubai and want to get some souvenirs or local goods.

As soon as I step my foot at the market I fell in love with the beautiful local capes, and it did not take me long before I was trying one on. It was hard to decide which one to take though as there were so many nice designs. Well, in the end, I went for my fav combination – black & gold!

The next day came by super quickly and it was time for us to start our desert adventure! The driver picked us up and we drove for about an hour before we arrived at the natural reserve where the safari takes place! One important thing to take note of when going to a safari in Dubai is that only a few companies are allowed into this natural resort. All the other companies run their safaries at a public desert nearby Dubai, which however for me loses the point, as you will not be able to spot the desert inhabitants, which the keepers at the natural resort take special care of. Also, the experience is not that authentic!

We went on the Premium Safari, which I have enjoyed a lot as it is for a maximum of 10 people, which gives you a much more private experience. The safari started with a falcon show, which was absolutely breathtaking, I did not know how talented these birds really are!

Next, we went for a drive across the dunes, which I will be sharing with you on my youtube channel soon! I loved it, but wouldn´t really recommend it to someone who gets car sick!! It is totally unstable and there is a lot of movement. I don´t mean it is unsafe though.

Once we finished the drive, we arrived at the location from where we were going to watch the sunset. The set up at the location was stunning!! Straight after watching the beautiful sunset, we went to the camp, where we did camel riding, we also had dinner and watched belly dancing! To top it off, the lights at the camp were turned off for 5 minutes, so we can have a few stars watching moments. It really felt as if the stars in the desert are thousands more than usual. I guess our cities are just too polluted…














I hope you have enjoyed reading through this blog and the pics I have shared with you from the experience. Stay tuned from the Vlog from Dubai, which I will publish on my youtube channel soon!



Tina J xx


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  1. Izabella
    December 18, 2018 / 8:10 am

    These pictures are incredible! I love all of them

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