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As you know, I was in Mexico a few weeks ago and I had an incredible time there! It was my first time in the country and I am guilty of going to the most touristic places, but I absolutely loved them! I wish I had more time to explore other parts of Mexico too, but I had to leave something for my future trips, right!

After staying at Cancun for nearly one week, we moved to the famous Playa del Carmen. I must say that I liked it there more as it is a little less touristic and the beaches are way more beautiful!

What really added to our experience was the amazing hotel where we stayed! Xcaret hotel was opened last year, and it was propably the best hotel I have stayed at!

I have stayed in many 5 stars hotels around the world, but this one really won my heart! There are many reasons why, so let me explain to you a few of them!

Hotel Xcaret is more than just a resort, it’s a destination rich in history, art and entertainment. The impressive ecosystem full of colors and textures, sets a perfect communion between man and nature, where the jungle, caves and rivers are the principal ingredient of a luxe and eclectic scenery.

The hotel is surrounded by a river and the sea and it really makes you feel connected to the nature, which I believe is the most important thing on a holiday! It truly recharges your energy and you feel totally relaxed after your stay there!

Xcaret is an all-inclusive resort with many bars and restaurant. If you stay there for one week, you can easily eat at a different restaurant every day! In fact, one of the most impressive restaurants I have ever visited was at Xcaret. The restaurant is inside a cave, surrounded by water and the light inside is completely made out of candles. It was honestly the most romantic place I have ever visited!

But what is really impressive about the hotel is that apart from being all inclusive it is also all FUN inclusive! The owner of the hotel owns seven attraction parks in the area ( you can see all of them here) and the entrance to each of them is included in your stay! There are also a few excursions to the main sightseeing spots in the area included in your stay, such as the Mayas pyramids!

We went to a few of the parks and we enjoyed them a lot! We did rafting, cave swimming and Zipline. We also went to a Mexican culture show at the Xcaret park that was for 2:30 hours and showcased traditional customs from the different regions of Mexico! The show is a must see! In case you are not staying at the hotel you can still visit all the attraction parks, but would need to get a ticket for the day you want to visit! Xcaret attraction parks are the main activities to do in the region, so I am sure you will end up going there in any case if you are visiting this part of Mexico.

The hotel has many different zones, and we chose to stay at Casa Fuego the VIP Adults only area, as it provides you with the ultimate intimacy and relaxation! Casa Fuego is separated by the other parts and it has 2 incredible pools only for its residents! One f the pools is an infinity pool on the top of the building, overlooking the ocean! Of course, you have a bar there too, so you can enjoy unlimited cocktails and watch this incredible view!

At the ground level you have another pool and a restaurant only for Casa Fuego! The restaurant had the most delicious breakfast ever! If you go there you have to try the mango yogurt! It was absolutely delicious!

Here are some of my favourite moments from out stay at the Xcaret Hotel. You will be able to see more soon on my Youtube channel:


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