Swimming with Dolphins

It has been only one month and a half since the begging of the New Year, but I already have a favourite 2019 experience, which I do not think will be replaced by anything else I do this year.. Well, never say never, but honestly, I had the best experience a couple of weeks ago!

As you can guess from the caption, the experience that I loved so much was swimming with dolphins!

We were in Cancun and a famous activities there is to go to one of the aquariums and swim with dolphins or dive and swim with the fishes! We of course did both! I mean..how can you resist to these activities?

Dolphins are one of my favourite animals and it has been a dream of mine for a long time to swim with them and I must say the experience was absolutely amazing!

We spent 1-hour swimming and playing with them and it was so magical to connect with these incredible creatures. For that one hour, I honestly forgot everything else in the world, I was just enjoying the moment and appreciating how incredible nature is! It is hard to describe all the activities we did with the dolphins and to explain the emotions we had during the time we spent with them, so I decided the best way to show that to you would be by recording it!

You can watch the video from our swim on my Youtube channel!

We mainly spent the hour at the aquarium with the dolphin Maya. She is 6 years old, so still a baby for a dolphin, they leave around 60 years. She as well as all the other dolphins at the aquarium were born there.

We truly had an amazing time, however, I must say that I am not 100% pro these types of activities. It is amazing that they give you the chance to spend time with such incredible animals, however, they should not be kept in captivity! The same goes to elephant rides and all other animal types of attractions. I have done such activities before, so I am not really allowed to stand against them, but we human beings must start to appreciate the other species more and understand that they are not created to be under our control. They are born to have the same freedom as us and we should respect that!

Here are some pictures from our time at the aquarium:


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