Milan Fashion Week

I am a little behind on my blog schedule, due to all the travels and work on the other platforms, but as promised I am finally sharing with you my favourite looks during Milan Fashion Week!

Milan Fashion Week is one of my favourite fashion events, mainly due to the elegance of the clothes presented there!

This season one of my favourite trends were:

  1. Plaid – just like we saw during the fashion week in London, plaid was also very popular in Milan! However, here the designs were much more feminine and sexy!
  2. Dramatic Neck Bows – I love bows and to see their come back on the runway in Milan was just incredible! Almost all shows included blouses and shirts decorated with massive bows around the neck! You will certainly see me wearing this trend often during 2019.
  3. Strong solders and nipped waists – this was one of the hottest trends in Milan this season. I am not sure it is exactly my type of a look, but I must say that some of the pieces were quite impressive!
  4. Leopard prints – the leopard prints arre here to stay for at least another season! Especially when we talk about shoes and bags.
  5. Pleated Skirts – they are still the hit and as seen on the runway in Milan, the variety this season will be huge.

So these were some of the top fashion trends during Milan Fashion Week and now I will share with you most of my looks during the events:

  1. Bright colors – I wore a combination of bright colors, to get me ready for the upcoming spring season!

2. Blue with a pop of yellow – blue has been one of the most popular colors lately, and will certainly continue being so popular over the spring season. To bring a bit of freshness to the look, I combined it with yellow.

3. Beige – one of the top colors for Fall/Winter 19 will be beige, so I decided to go with a full beige look ahead of the season and match what was shown on the runway.

4. Silk and beige – again, as with the previous look, I picked beige. However, this time it was an outfit made out of silk. This material will me one of the most popular over the summer and during the fall.

To find out more details about my Milan Fashion Week looks, you can check my posts on the Browzzin app!


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