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Have you ever considered trading your stuff for other stuff someone else already has but doesn´t use, instead of buying them from the shop? If you want to save money, get rid of the things you do not need and in return get things you actually need, then I have the right advice for you! You have to try the Bunz app!

What is Bunz? It is a community founded on a vision: to create a world with more neighbours and less strangers where it’s easy to get what you need.

Bunz was founded by Emily Bitze in 2013 as a secret Facebook group for trading things with her friends in Toronto. The idea came to her mind when one night, she needed some pasta sauce for her dinner, and instead of walking to the store, figured someone she knew would have some nearby. As it happened, a lot of people thought the same, and indeed it is often the case that the thing you’re looking for are only a few neighbours away. So instead of buying new, you can actually trade! Word of the community spread through bars, parties, shops and salons, and with it, the spirit of Bunz was born.

In 2016 the Bunz app was launched – featuring profiles and reviews to make chatting and trading easier – and to allow for more trust between the growing number of people in the Bunz community.

The core values of Bunz are community, sustainability, and self-expression, and for that reason I absolutely love the app! The app also allows you to meet new people and to explore parts of your city where you might not have been before! It is indeed an excellent way to finally meet the neighbours or to get rid of the things that are filling so much space in your house, but you never use!

I find it brilliant that not only you will get rid of the things you don´t use, but you will give them to someone who will love and use them! Of course, in return you will also get something you need and will use! And all of this is without using any money!

In 2018, Bunz improved their app even more, and introduced BTZ, a digital currency earned through Bunz by inviting friends, answering surveys and posting items for trade. You can send and receive BTZ with anyone on Bunz and spend them at over 200 of our favourite local businesses on everything from coffee, beer and groceries, to shellac manicures and handmade jewellery. BTZ are designed with local communities in mind. Since introducing BTZ in April last year, they’ve been used to complete more than 100,000 trades, while over $700,000 worth of BTZ have been redeemed through local shops, bars, cafes and retail stores. I find this incredible, as it allows you to to benefit even more from the services provided in your community and make trades in exchange for a dinner, instead of paying for it!

Today consumerism is really declining and more and more people are going to flea markets and thrift shops, as they find it more enjoyable and can find unique items that bring more meaning to them than the generic items sold in the shopping centres. People are also more eager to find alternative ways of paying that can replace money and for that reason I find Bunz and its digital currency BTZ so useful!

Bunz is determined to make a real impact on global sustainability and its aim is to create the largest inventory of tradable goods in the world. To do that requires that people refrain from using cash and find other ways to transact. There are currently over 600,000 active items on Bunz, and the app hope to see more than 2 million by the end of 2019.

If you open the app and Bunz isn’t active in your area, be a leader! Post some items to trade, invite your friends and family, and share to your socials. Encourage them to do the same and watch your community grow! Let’s make the world trade again!

Currently, Bunz is active in every major Canadian city including Toronto, Ottawa, Vancouver and Montreal, with some interest in Japan, the US and UK. To start Bunz in your city, just sign up, post a few items and send a message to hello@bunz.com


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