Brunch at The Ritz Carlton Tokyo

As you know I am a real foody and everywhere I travel around the world, I always look for the best food places!

I usually look for local restaurants with great reviews instead of chains, however, there is one hotel chain that never lets me down when it comes to their restaurants – The Ritz Carlton!

The Ritz Carlton is one of my favourite hotel chains for many reasons, but one of them is certainly the excellent food at their restaurants.

They are well-known for the fine dining they offer, in a luxurious surrounding where you manage to completely relax, enjoy the food and forget about the rest of the world for a while! This is what I call the perfect food experience!

The Ritz Carlton in Tokyo, however, goes one step beyond, by offering an incredible brunch with one of the best views over Tokyo that you can ever find! Located on the 46th floor of the hotel, it provides its visitors with a 360-degree view over Tokyo, which will leave you speechless!

The brunch is at the Towers restaurant, known as a contemporary grill where simplicity is savored, and this is not an exaggeration!

The price for the brunch is 7,500 Japanese Yen, which is around 60 euros per person! The menu includes a welcome drink, a starter platter that mainly contains seafood, second dish, main dish and a dessert with coffee.

Each of the dishes is carefully selected according to the season and is beautifully presented. For my second dish, I got the Perfect Egg, which had croissant, bacon, mapple syrup and sarawak black pepper! It was delicious. We also tried the scrambled egg which was very buttery and soft!

For my main course, I went for the Market fish, which is a dish that varies according to the fish that is most fresh at the markets on that day! It is typically a white fish and I really enjoyed mine. I only eat white fish, so it was a great match.

The best part of course was the desert trolley! Once you are finished with the meals, the waiter comes with a trolley full of different delicious desserts! There were too many delicious options to choose from and at the end we went for three deserts instead of two!

As you can already guess, the dessert is my favourite part of a meal and I get over excited when there are so many nice options, as the ones offered at the Ritz Carlton Brunch!

With the brunch, you also have the option to add Champagne Free Flow that lasts 90 minutes! It is a great option if you are fan of bubbles, plus with the incredible view you have in front of you it is really a great top up to the brunch!

You can see the full brunch menu here! If you are in Tokyo or you are planning a trip there and you want to go for a great fine dining experience, definitely book a brunch or dinner at the Towers Restaurant, you will not regret it! Make sure you book in advance though, as it is often fully booked!


Tina J xx


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