Meet Dolfi – The World´s smallest washing device!

Are you tired of getting your delicate clothes hopelessly spoiled by washing? Or having to deal with washing when on the go? I have the right solution for you! I have discovered a device that is the answer to all your washing problems, when at home or when on the go!

As you know I am constantly on the go and one of the biggest issues I face when I am traveling is how to deal with my washing load! It is true that hotels often offer washing services and that you can find public washing spaces in some cities, however, they are often too expensive, time consuming and not really reliable!

So, I have been looking for a while for the perfect solution to my problem and I´ve finally managed to find it! Its name is DOLFI! Dolfi is the world´s smallest washing device (having the size of a smartphone), which makes it perfect for travellers, but not only! It is ideal for home use as well!

It is very light and you can carry it in your hand luggage everywhere you go without a problem. Dolfi cleans your clothes with the power of ultrasonic technology and it is perfect for all type of clothing, but it is exceptionally good with delicate clothes and it is suitable even for clothes that are labelled dry cleaning only! It has happened to me that dry cleaning has destroyed very expensive clothes and if I get the chance to avoid it I would certainly do that, and thanks to Dolfi I finally can! Dolfi cleans even the most delicate fabrics without damaging or discolouring, it is a real technology miracle!

With Dolfi, you can completely forget about rubbing, stretching, whirling or wearing off! It extends the life of your clothes and it is a lifesaver when it comes to traveling! The ultrasonic cleaning washes your clothes from within the fabric fibers and efficiently removes dirt, making your clothing ultra-fresh in an hour! 

Not only that the results from using Dolfi are amazing, but it is also extremely simple to use the device! All you need is to put your clothes (the recommended load is between 0.5-1.5kg) in a sink or a water proof container, add water (5 to 10 litres), detergent, put Dolfi inside (with the logo facing up), switch the device on and enjoy your fee time! It takes up to 60 minutes for the washing cycle to be completed! Once the Dolfi device starts operation, the Dolfi logo on the power adapter will light up. The dots under the Dolfi logo indicate the washing time.  A new dot will light up every 10 minutes. Dolfi will complete the washing cycle and automatically shut off after 60 minutes of operation. The indication lights will all turn off at this time and you can unplug the device! Rinse your clothes, hang them to dry and enjoy wearing them fresh and clean in no time!

What is also great is that the device comes with a handy universal power adapter and includes interchangeable plugs, so that you can easily use it all over the world! If you take care of your device, you can use it for many years! To ensure that your device is taken care of, after you are done with your washing simply rinse the device with clean water, wrap the cable around the power adapter, and store it is a cool dry place, away from direct sunlight!

I cannot explain how happy I am to have found the Dolfi device, and how much it has helped me with my washing while on the go! You should certainly try it if you travel often as me, but even if you don´t you will be impressed by how incredible it is with delicate clothes! Do not let dry cleaning and washing machines destroy any of your delicate clothes! Simply try the Dolfi device and you will love it from the first wash!

Here are some examples of how clean are my clothes after a Dolfi wash!


Tina J xx


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