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Beauty and health supplements have been particularly popular over the past few years and I have finally decided to give them a try! As I travel all the time, my immune system gets a bit affected from time to time, so I decided it would really benefit from a supplements boost! I also have my hair, nails and skin affected by the travels, as they get dryer and more prone to breakage! For that reason, I started looking for a beauty supplement, which can improve my hair, skin and nails condition and a supplement, which can strengthen my immune system!

After some research, I have discovered Better Me and their supplements, and as they had many great reviews, I decided to give them a try! I started using Better Me supplements about a month and a half ago and as I am very happy with the results, I have decided to share more about them with you!

Better Me is a US-based brand that was created out of a passion and dedication for natural, pure, and ethical products. What I love about the brand is that they prioritize the importance of green health and beauty by curating a collection of products that their customers can find confidence in. The health and beauty industries can be safer, more ethical, and universally healthier for consumers. Better Me collaborates with brands who work toward these goals in order to share their products with you, the customer!

They have a great variety of supplements you can choose from and most of the bottles contain 90 tablets, which means that a bottle lasts for 3 months. Better Me offers supplements, such as Better Mood, Better Cells, Better Breathing, Better Bones, Better Cardio, Better Sleep, Better Vision and many more.

There are plenty of supplements on the market and I find it quite confusing when you have to choose which one to try! The main reason why I decided to try Better Me supplements is their dedication to natural and pure products. Also, the great variety they offer and the amazing reviews which I read really convinced me that these are the supplements I want to get!

As I said above, one of the supplements, I chose was Better Beauty! I needed a bit of a boost with my nails, skin and hair and this seemed to be the ideal supplement for this! My skin and nails were breaking a lot due to the non-stop climate change and the many flights that I take and I desperately needed some supplements to help me out with their poor state. What I can say after nearly a month and a half of taking the Better Beauty supplement is that my nails have strengthened, and my face skin and hair got their glow again. I am super happy with this supplement and I will certainly continue to take it for at least another 4 months (the bottle that I currently have + 1 one after I finish this one). From what I have heart the longer you take them, the better the result gets.

The other supplement which I tried, was Better Immunity! Our day-to-day health and well-being depends on the performance of our immune systems and as mine was significantly suffering due to my busy schedule and all the travels, I decided that Better Immune is the other supplement I urgently need to get. What I have found after taking it for a month and a half is that I feel more energetic and in better spirit in general. I haven´t been with a cold since then either, and I usually get a sore throat almost every month.

What I can say as a conclusion is that I do feel better after using the supplements, my immune system has strengthened a bit and my hair, nails and skin are slowly returning to a healthier stage! I can finally see them glow again! You can use my code ZLATINA to receive 20% off all dietary supplements!

Better Me also offers a variety of amazing beauty products that you can check here! There are 10 different brands offered on their website and all the products are simply amazing! So, even if you are not looking for supplements, make sure to check out the website, as you will find a huge variety of other beauty products on there!


Tina J xx


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