N-Fan by Mafazon

What is my favourite season? It is certainly the summer! There are so many reasons to love the summer! I love the beaches, the good weather, the fact that you do not need 10 layers of clothing with you.

However, not everything is ideal about the summer! The summer nights are perfect, but the days are often too warm. So you need a special device to keep cool and fresh.

I have recently discovered such an incredible device, which you can take everywhere with you and which keeps you cool at all times! The best part is that it is also extremely fashionable and it looks super nice on!

The device is called N-fan and it is produced by Mafazon. You can get it now here! It is a stylish, advanced wearable tech that beats the heat and that you will love form the first wear!

It comes in a nice case, together with a charging cable, it is very easy to charge with a phone charger or in a laptop. You have the option to chose between two colors – the green that I have and black, if you prefer a more classic version!

I am sure that you will love it as much as me, and most importantly you will stay cool at all times!


Tina J xx


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