Ashley Wilde Group Curtains & Bedding Sets

As I am sure most of you know, I have been in the process of furnishing a house for the bast couple of months. To be honest, I have never before thought it could be so hard to furnish a place.

I was prepared that it would take some time, but I did not really know how much time it will actually take.. I wanted to do all by myself, without hiring a designer, as I really love interior design, but there were many obstacles on the way.

Let´s start from the fact that it is extremely hard to visualize how each of the rooms will look with the furniture you have picked, what colors to paint the walls, what accessories to get, what type of curtains to choose.

Once I had the furniture in the house, I thought I had the hardest part accomplished, but it turned out I was completely wrong!

Once I had the furniture in each of the rooms, came the really hard moment. What color shall I paint the walls and what curtains shall I choose.

Finding the right curtains was indeed a very hard job!

I wanted to find something unique, but at the same time of great quality. I wanted different fabrics for each room and I certainly did not want anything that is plain. It turned out extremely hard to find a company that offers a great variety of original and beautiful fabrics.

Finally, after 1 month of searching, I managed to find Ashley Wilde Group ! It is a UK based company that offers refined furnishing fabrics and home décor products for over six decades. family business with three generations of expertise. Rich in Heritage and with Design, Style, Innovation and Service as the company’s guiding principles; Ashley Wilde has secured an industry reputation for exceptional quality and unparalleled customer service. The Group is renowned for going above and beyond to always exceed customer expectations. I can certainly confirm that this is true! They were extremely helpful in my choice of fabrics and the variety was so great that it was impossible not to find what I wanted!

Ashley Wilde Group was indeed all I have been looking for! The had the most beautiful fabrics I have seen during this one month of non-stop looking for curtains and they had such a variety that it was impossible not to find what I was looking for each of the rooms.

My idea was to have see-though curtains that will match the color of the furniture in each room, and then another layer of curtains which I can use for a blackout. I wanted the accent to be on the second curtains, so I can use them as decoration. Now I will share with you the curtains which I got!

Apart from the incredible curtains, I also got amazing bed sets for the three bedrooms. All of them are from Kylie Minogue collection and they are the most beautiful bedding sets I have ever had! You can check the full range of bedding sets they offer here! I am sure you will love them all! Here are the sets, which I got! Which one is your favorite?


Tina J x


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