Six Ways to Revamp Your Wardrobe for Winter

With a new season comes a new look, and it’s a great time to start thinking about giving your closet an overhaul. But with sustainability being such a hot topic, do you really want to throw out all your summer gear and buy a whole new wardrobe? Thankfully, many brands are now making it easier for consumers to buy more ethically and sustainably. ASOS, for example, has created a sustainable fashion glossary with explanations of terms like organic, fair trade and recycled, so you can buy with a clear conscience. Here are our top six tips for simple yet effective ways to revamp your winter wardrobe.


Accessories are the details in any fashion ensemble, so changing them is the simplest yet most striking way to get a new look. Swap out canvas totes for leather handbags. Exchange soft fabrics for sequins. Have you been rocking cute, floral earrings through the summer? Why not swap them for pearls, or some simple, gold studs? Or embrace the winter trend for big earrings with bold colours. The best thing about buying new accessories is that your summer ones will still be there for you next year- size doesn’t matter!


Want a whole new look without filling up your wardrobe or having to take a sack load of stuff to the charity shop? A new hair cut is an easy and satisfying way to completely transform your personal style. How drastic you want the change to be is up to you. Summer is all about loose hair, ringlets, fly-away tresses and a carefree look. Bring it all back under control with sleek, glossy locks, sharply defined partings and intricate plaits. Use clips, barrettes, slides and even brooches to add some glam to your style. This is an eye-catching way to change up your image.

One great piece of knitwear

Once the temperature drops, it can be tempting to fill your wardrobe with sweaters, cardigans, jumpers and hoodies. However, it’s better for you (and the environment) to layer up with thin tops underneath and one beloved go-to piece of knitwear that you can easily slip on and off. A huge, cowl necked jumper can be worn over and over, as you’ll take it off when you’re inside anyway. Plus, this cosy style can be used with existing pieces from your summer wardrobe, saving you money and turning you into a more sustainable fashion fan.


What says winter better than a good pair of boots? They’re warm, they’re sturdy, and they come in such a diverse range of styles. From punky Dr Martens to knee-highs with heels, boots can be the transformative piece in any ensemble. “Stompers” with thick soles and chunky grips are on-trend in 2019, which is good news when the weather starts to turn. No need to just stick with neutral colours either – boots in white, grey and even tartan can be a real head-turner.


If you wear fairly neutral shades most of the time, bring your wardrobe back to life with a blast of bold colour. Reds, oranges, rich browns and purples all speak of autumn, whilst royal blue, emerald green and even bright white start to appear as we get closer to the party season in winter. Just a single scarlet sweater can bring a massive change to your look if you’ve been wrapped in pastels all summer long. If you’ve already got a wardrobe full of colour, pick out the items you can continue wearing in winter and buy clothes and accessories to complement those. A few subtle pieces might be all you need to complete your winter wardrobe.


Did you know you can buy designer clothes at auctions? Not only is this a relatively inexpensive way to get your hands on a real statement piece, but it’s a great day out for fashion fans. Grab a friend and watch as an array of beautiful clothes, from lingerie to leggings, goes under the hammer, and place your bids on your favourite pieces. Vintage dresses, ex-runway gear and even clothes worn by celebrities can all be found at these auctions. It’s a wonderful way to get your hands on something truly unique.


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