Skandinavik Fur Coat

As the new winter season is fast approaching, I started revising my winter wardrobe recently and made a list of the items that I want to add to my wardrobe for the new season.

On top of my list was a new fur coat! I have always been a fan of fur coats and I love the fact that they are both super stylish, warm and last for a very long time. So I started doing research on brands producing high-quality fur coats and I soon discovered Skandinavik Fur! A brand I felt in love with straight away!

The brand is a third-generation furrier business located in Siatista, Greece. Siatista is a small town with just 7000 habitats, where 90% of the population is involved in the fur making industry. Fur making is a sophisticated art that utilizes every part of a fur pelt in numerous combinations and techniques. The result is masterpieces of unique and rare beauty and Skandinavik Fur offers a great variety of such masterpieces.

The brand offers coats made out of various types of fur, including mink, fox, lynx, beaver, persian lamb, raccoon, marten, squirrel, sable, chinchilla and much more. Skandinavik Fur also offers custom made coats, which makes it impossible not to find what you are looking for on their website. All you have to provide is a picture or sketch of your dream coat and your measurements! They also offer fast delivery worldwide that is safe and secure.

Skandinavik Fur indeed offers a great variety of furs and models and their prices are incredible. Their beautiful models are designed by Greek and Italian designers and the selection of furs depends on the trends each year. Most of their furs come from the Scandinavian countries, and their main sources are the Kopenhagen and Saga auctions in Denmark and Finland. This is also the main reason why the brand is called Skandinavik Fur!

The coats are of the highest quality that you can find on the market and they have so many beautiful designs that it was extremely hard to choose the one coat that I would like to get!

I wanted to go for something unique that is classy, yet extravagant and for that reason, I choose this beautiful white mink fur coat with a lynx fur hoody. It represents everything I was looking for – stylish, unique, warm and beautiful. The length is also perfect, as I can wear it both with trousers and with dresses, and it looks extremely stylish and classy when put on!

It is true that fur coats are usually associated with women. However, Skandinavik Fur also offers a great variety of fur coats for men, which can be a great addition to a man’s wardrobe if you are in the search for a unique winter coat.

What is also very important about fur coats, is the fact that they are a natural material that, unlike plastic, can decompose. It is durable and can last for decades if treated properly. However, once it is no longer in good shape for use it can be decomposed without harming the nature like the clothing pieces produced from synthetic materials.

Make sure to visit Skandinavic Fur website and browse to the huge variety of beautiful coats they offer!


Tina J x


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