The Ultimate Beauty Regime To Ensure You Are Zoom Ready

With the coronavirus pandemic, our lives have become more regimented and challenging than ever before. We can struggle to find the routine that we have relied upon in the pre-pandemic world. While in lockdown, quarantining or working from home, we need to find new outlets for our creativity, emotions and need for excitement. When stuck at home all day, we can begin to neglect our beauty regimes. Instead of getting up and staying in your pajamas for hours on end, not showering and relinquishing the facial moisturizer, you need to claim back your self-esteem and confidence. Just because you aren’t heading out to the office doesn’t mean that you cannot look good for the Zoom meeting with your boss.
Virtual meetings have become the norm for the past few months. Companies across the world have chosen to implement daily Zoom meetings to keep in touch, conduct business and to hone ideas in a collaborative way. If your face is popping up on other people’s screen, you want to make sure that you are Zoom ready with your new lockdown beauty regime.

Banish Blackheads

With the resolution on virtual meeting apps becoming better all the time, you need to pay attention to your pores. Blackheads and greasy skin are common during lockdown as stress can bring out a whole host of facial ailments. Use a quick five-minute blackhead mask, made from a small amount of honey and cinnamon, and place this over the bridge of your nose. This is the prime spot where blackheads tend to congregate on your visage. After five minutes, remove your mask and use a cotton bud to wipe the residue into your pores. Rinse again after another five minutes, and dry thoroughly for a fully cleansed face.

Moisturize Your Skin

As well as remaining hydrated, you need to moisturize your skin a little more during lockdown. Dry skin can occur when we are feeling stressed and when we cannot soak up as much Vitamin D from the natural rays of the sun as we would like. If your skin is dry, look for a moisturizing cream that has a urea formula or beeswax as its main ingredient. These creams are thicker and will not soak into your pores too quickly. The moisture within your skin will be retained for longer. If you have greasy skin, you want a lighter cream that is more of an emollient that soaks into your skin quickly. Always look for those moisturizers that use natural ingredients and botanicals. More chemical-based emollients can harm the skin, especially if you have a sensitivity to lotions and creams.

Looking Younger

Who said you had to grow old gracefully. If you are keen to banish your crow’s feet, smoothen out your wrinkles and develop a firmer complexion, a facelift could be a consideration. Forget the heavy surgical general anaesthetic route and go for something a little less invasive. There are many procedures that don’t require such drastic action and can have the same youth-enhancing results. Alternatively, opt for those creams with anti-ageing properties and always go for a pH balance as close to neutral as possible.

Your Hair

In lockdown, you may not have visited the salon in a couple of months or more. This can result in your roots showing through, split ends and a lack of shape for your luscious locks. You could always go for a dramatic look and go for the lockdown buzz cut. This takes a lot of bravery and a willingness to accept the neverending stream of comments in your Zoom meetings. Or you could opt for some home hair styling. There are a ridiculous amount of videos online telling you how to create the perfect bangs, how to layer a choppy bob or how to put your hair up in an elegant way. If you are after a whole new look, your hair is often the first place to start.

For a change of color, think about the at-home colouring kits. Don’t go for a bleach blonde look quite yet and instead go for a safer semi-permanent color. This will help your experiment with your style without committing to a color that you end up hating.

It can be challenging to maintain a beauty regime during the pandemic crisis we are currently in the midst of. Other things may feel more important, whether those be making sure friends and family are coping or confirming that malaria medication has been shown not to be effective in treating COVID-19. However, to keep your self-esteem high and your confidence levels buoyant, follow this guide and make sure that you are ready for your Zoom meetings every day.


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