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Everyone knows that the busiest wedding seasons are during the Summer and the Fall! What are the trends for 2020 though and what has changed from last year? I am going to show you that now!

What has been observed as a new trend for 2020, mainly as a result of the current pandemic are the micro weddings. These weddings include only the closes family and friends and is usually under 40 people. These weddings tend to have a higher budget per guest, which means your very nearest and dearest are treated to bespoke touches, elaborate meals and personalised presents.

Another trend that is gaining more popularity in 2020 is having a sustainable wedding! This trend includes things like repurposing ceremony florals, sourcing locally grown food or hiring vendors who also prioritize sustainability. Of course, there are many options of how you can create a more sustainable wedding, but what is observed is that people have started to pay significant attention to sustainability when planning weddings in 2020. Isn’t that great!

Magical mysticism is also rising high on the trend list. In fact, if there is one theme you need to know about 2020 wedding trends, its mysticism. This spiritually charged vibe combines all the things: crystals, saging, palo santo, even aura photobooths. Do not force this though, make it work for your unique couple style—send guests home with a rose quartz crystal, the classic stone for love, or ask your guests to pass around your wedding rings during your ceremony, imbuing them with good energy and well wishes.

Inclusive menus is another popular trend for weddings in 2020. Couples are being more thoughtful about inclusivity when it comes to every aspect of wedding planning, reception menus notwithstanding.So if you are going to a wedding this year, expect to get a good 3 course meal!

When it comes to wedding dresses, here are the most popular trends for 2020:

Ombre Dresses

This season what has been observed as an extremely popular option are the ombre dresses that combine white with another much darker color! This brings a unique touch to the dress and guarantees a wow effect, as it is still a new and trendy option!

Full Coverage

Since last year’s royal weddings, we’ve continued to see the ‘Duchess Effect’ in full force—particularly as it relates to modesty and coverage. This look turns up the volume on keeping things concealed; rather than feeling matronly, it feels undeniably fashion-forward.

Buff colored dresses

Blush gowns became a mainstay in seasons past, but buff and ginger (the happy medium between blush and champagne) complements a wide range of styles and skin tones, making it our favorite new alternative to tried-and-true bridal white.

This shade is for the bride who doesn’t feel like she’s at her best in traditional ivory and alabaster tones. Pair it with gold, silver, blush, black, ivory, or bolder tones for a look that feels daring yet romantic—and nowhere near basic.  


Megan Markle undoubtedly took this trend to the next level with her completely unadorned Givenchy gown, but as some brides make efforts to go grand, tapping into all-over lace, embroidery, lengthy trains, volume in all its forms, and so much more, others are going minimal—to the max. That means no lace, no beading, and no excessive draping, volume, or fanfare.

Sheer and Lace Dresses

Sheer never looked so chic. This sexy silhouette of sheer yet fully-covered gowns still leaves little to the imagination, but manages to feel sophisticated. From floor length, long-sleeved, all-over ruffles to embroidery and embellishments, these styles take nearly-naked, sexy bride dressing to a whole new level.

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