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Two weeks ago I went to Mykonos for a final summer break! Despite the COVID situation, Mykonos seemed to be a safe option for a trip, and since I had it planned for a while, I decided to go ahead and travel!

I am so happy I did! The situation on the island was very calm and pleasant! Almost as if it was back to pre-COVID! Pretty much everyone that was entering the island was required to have a negative COVID test, which made everything way more relaxed. Masks were only obligatory in closed spaces, which meant that you don’t need to wear one when on the streets if you don’t want to! So to sum up, I felt quite safe and relaxed at all times while on the Island!

We were there for 5 days, and in general, I would say that 5 days are enough to relax and explore the island! Mykonos is quite small and the main thing to visit is the Mykonos town. Not too many other places to explore, but there are amazing beach clubs and restaurants to visit, as well as many beautiful beaches! So, Mykonos is the perfect place to relax, enjoy the beautiful beaches and the sunny weather and try some delicious food! The parties on the island are also great!!

This time I really wanted to take it easy and enjoy the last summer days! For that reason, I didn’t plan much activities during the stay!

The first few nights we spent at the Mykonos Princess Hotel in Agios Stefanos. It’s a beautiful 5-star hotel, just about 5 minutes away from Mykonos town in a taxi, which was super convenient! What I loved about it is that it takes you no more than 2 minutes to walk down to the beach and the area is super relaxed, only hotels and villas around, which makes it great for a holiday! What I loved about our suit was that we had a massive jacuzzi and a patio for us, which made our stay so private and relaxing!

In the evening, we were usually going to Mykonos town, as it is full of incredible restaurants and bars! The town is so charming with its little narrow streets, full of flowers coming down from the walls of the houses. I also love the fact that everything is painted white! It makes it so much more beautiful and clean!

We were also lucky to meet the famous inhabitants of Mykonos town – the Pink Pelicans! Known as the Mascots of Mykonos, they go around the streets of the town and might even steal your food, if you are holding something! Currently, it’s three of them (all donated to the island) and they are so familiar with everyone local, that would even enter inside the shops and the restaurants! Honestly, the cutest creatures I have ever seen!

So if you visit Mykonos, make sure to watch out for them! They are not shy at all, and you might be able to even take a picture together! 🙂

As I said, the island is mainly for relaxing, and having fun! Not too many activities to do, but something fun you can try is to rent a buggy and explore the island with it, or to go on a boat tour around the island! The tour usually takes about 5 hours and you also have lunch or dinner on there!

Apart from the beautiful beaches, the island is also full of charming little churches. There are over 1000 private churches in Mykonos (pretty much all families on the island have their own church). I wasn’t aware that the churches were private and wanted to take pictures in front of one of them. In about 2 minutes from taking pictures at the church, a man approached and explained that the church is the property of his family. He was so nice that he opened the church and showed us around! It was on a cliff, so the views from there were amazing! In general, everyone on the island is super calm and friendly! Wish more people around the world were like this!

A place that you certainly have to visit while in Mykonos is the Cavo Tagoo Hotel and more specifically the Zuma Restaurant that’s located within the hotel! It has one of the most beautiful sunset views on the island! I am a huge Zuma fan and have visited most of the Zuma restaurants around the world, but I must say that this one is so far my favorite in terms of views and location!

Created and co-founded by Rainer Becker, Zuma is inspired by the traditional Japanese izakayas,where guests enjoy casual dining and drinking, uniquely incorporating all styles of Japanese cuisine under one roof! What is interesting about the Zuma restaurant in Mykonos, is that it is the first pop-up restaurant! It has partnered with CAVO TAGOO Mykonos, and was set up from the 15th May to the 10th October 2020.

The food and the service were as always exceptional! We had a few salads for starters and a premium sushi platter! The sushi there is a must-try! Then we continued with veggie tempura, code fish, Angus beef, king prawns, and the most incredible dessert platter! The dessert platter was a combo of all deserts they offer and it was just incredible to try them all! So delicious! We also really enjoyed the cocktails! I really hope the restaurant is there next year too, as the experience was exceptional!!

We spent the final days on the island at Ostraco Suits, which were situated on the other side of the coast from the other hotel where we stayed! It was great to change, so you get a different view and experience! The hotels on the island are usually boutique style and each one has it’s own charm and facilities, so I would highly recommend you to stay at 2 different ones during your stay!

What I loved about the Ostraco Suits is the fact that there was quite a lot of space in between the villas, which gave more privacy! The hotel is located on the top of the hill, which gives you incredible sea views. The view from our jaccuzi was just amazing! It is also about 10 minutes walking to Mykonos town, so it’s location is quite central!

We had full board during our stay and the food at the restaurant was incredible! Each dish was uniquely prepared and it honestly felt like a gourmet kitchen! Even if you are not staying at the hotel, you can visit the restaurant, so definitely take note of this one! Both the food and the service were amazing! Also, the view from the restaurant is beautiful!

Another place that you have to visit while on the island is the famous Windmills of Mykonos! Make sure you arrive there for the sunset, as it is certainly the best sunset spot on the island! Before the tourism started on the island, the mills were one of the most important things on the ‘Windy’ island of Mykonos, and nowadays, they are one of the main attractions on the island!

I really enjoyed our trip to Mykonos and I am so happy that I decided to go! If you haven’t been, you should definitely put it on your travel list for next year! It is also very easy to visit other nearby islands from Mykonos, so if you would like to explore, I would suggest spending 10-14 days, traveling around the islands with ferry and spending a few days at each one!


Tina J xx


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