New Mink Fur Coat from Skandinavik Fur

November is finally here and it is time to start planning our winter wardrobe! I have already put away all my summer clothes and I am currently in the search for some unique pieces to add to my autumn/winter clothing.

One of the first pieces to join my clothing collection this season is a new amazing fur coat from Skandinavik Fur. Skandinavik Fur is a family business with a 60-year-old tradition in fur making. I love the fact that the brand is focused in excellent craftsmanship and they only use the finest materials. They handle all types of fur, which provides you with a great variety to choose from and even create custom-made fur coats.

The coat I got is a knee-length mink fur coat. It is handmade in Greece and it has satin lining inside and side pockets, which make it super comfortable to wear. I also love the hooks and loops closure, which is also super comfortable.

The main reason why I chose this coat is that it is multi-coloured. This gives you flexibility when matching it with your accessories and outfits. The grey and the blue colours bring some extra freshness to your winter looks, and I love how it looks when I put it on! The length is also great as you can wear the coat with dresses as well as trousers.

You already know that I am a fan of fur coats and especially mink fur coats, so I try to get a new piece each year! For me it is extremely important to ensure the high quality of the garment and for that reason, I always return to Skandinavik Fur when in the search of a new fur coat!

Fur making is a sophisticated art that utilizes every part of a fur pelt in numerous combinations and techniques. The result is masterpieces of unique and rare beauty. Skandinavik Fur is a brand with a long history in fur making and they offer coats and fur blankets from furs like mink , fox , lynx , beaver , Persian lamb , raccoon , marten , squirrel , sable , chinchilla and so much more. Their designs are always innovative and unique and follow the latest fashion trends.

I hope you like the coat I got, but also make sure to check the rest of their mink fur coats collection, as the pieces are truly beautiful and unique!


Tina J x


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