What Elements Of An Outfit Catches The Eye?

Not every outfit is created equally; some are made to be casual and easy, some are made to be subtle yet sleek, and some are statement pieces that absolutely everybody takes notice of! And you can even combine elements of all three outfit types here, to really create a personal style you’re comfortable with. 

However, before you do so, it’s important to know what really makes a style stand out, and how you can change yours for the better. 

Of course, as long as you like what you’re wearing, your outfit is already a killer! However, if you feel your clothes need a little more highlighting lately, it’s time to learn the specific elements that can really catch the eye. Here’s just a small sample of those elements. 

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A Touch of Item Mixing

Ideas like layering items to create a bit of texture goes a long way, and if you’re someone who worries that their outfits are a bit plain or subtle, this is the number one thing to do to add a bit more dimension. 

Not only does this make you look more colorful and expressional, but it also helps you to feel more comfortable in the way you look. And not only that, but pairing two different patterns together is a very budget friendly thing to do! The clothes are already in your wardrobe, after all. 

The Accessories

It’s often said that the best highlight to give an outfit is the accessories you match it up with. After all, they’re made to ‘complete’ a look, and give it a bit of shine, and items like jewelry are incredibly versatile. So why not invest a bit more in your scarf collection or jewelry box? 

No matter your style, there’s an accessory type out there for you, and it can become a true trademark of your own developed fashion. Even just sporting a piece from an Engagement Claddagh Rings range will draw attention. Not only is this a personal and sentimental piece, but a flashy ring is the most eye catching jewelry item known to man! 

A Clever Use of Colour

As briefly mentioned above, the use of colour is a big way to highlight your outfits and make them a bit more eye-candy like. Because colour is a natural attention draw – just think of all those birds with secret markings to display when in a fight or trying to get themselves a mate! A similar principle applies to us humans, but in a slightly less primitive way. 

We can use colour theory to great advantage here. You can use complementary colours, like red and green or blue and orange, to help make your outfits flow and cause a bit more of a statement. However, even ‘clashing’ colours work wonders when matched right – this style has recently become a bit of a trend as well! 

If you want your outfits to grab some attention, make sure you mixing and matching the elements above for better results. 


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