Curvy Evolution In Fashion

When it comes to size inclusion, there is an important consideration. Customers want the same things that small models usually advertise, young, energetic, and fashionable. When you get into plus size fashion, it used to be completely limited, but it’s not like that anymore. In years past, not many curvy customers had a chance to buy what they wanted. Most of the formal wear in the plus-size category is limited to black, dark, and loose clothing. Not at all like the image in the mind of a glamorous fashionable woman. Therefore, in addition to producing larger-sized garments, inclusive fashion is now focusing on creating high-quality garments with the same style, comfort, and functionality as other customers. 

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This evolution in the fashion industry is great for established brands, or may be the beginning for some of the independent designers, independent stores, and independent services for plus-size shoppers. For most brands however, achieving this transition will be a challenging task, but it will also create a wide range of opportunities for them. Manufacturers should not invest more money in creating separate collections for special sizes but must ensure that their products are suitable for people of any size.

“Beauty is not defined by the size of your jeans” – Liv Tyler

Consumers today want brands to define beauty through individualism and self-confidence, not size or weight. Millennials and Gen Z shoppers want to feel connected with the brand, and this is difficult to achieve when the models in the clothes represent only a small part of the shoppers. 


The only way to meet this need is to expand the size of each available product and change the way special-sized products are manufactured. The tailoring should ensure that it fits perfectly regardless of the size, and the size of the pattern should be suitable for each size. This is a new vision pursued by high fashion. They can generate a wider range of consumer choices. They can produce various sizes and colour options instead of producing separate lines for specific segments. When a brand realizes that all customers, large and small, are interested in high-quality fashion and provide it to them, the brand will build a large and loyal customer base. 

Retailers have been offering quality brands for many years and have recently expanded their choice of brands by launching new sports and youth apparel brands. These products are now expanded to XXXL size. Other large corporate retailers who do not want to miss this market opportunity have followed their example. Therefore, we now see that the companies have special designs for large and small sizes.


This new trend affects not only big brands but also small brands and designers. For example, brands created by celebrities and influencers now prioritize large-size categories that were overlooked in the past, namely underwear. These brands offer modern and attractive underwear suitable for small and large sizes. 

The examples of these brands adapting show how the market is changing now and how the fashion industry needs to listen to customers and create options that meet their real needs.


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