Dinner in the Sky Athens

I spent almost the whole of September in Greece and one of the best experiences I had during that trip was to dine in the sky in Athens.

It has been on my wishlist to try ‘Dinner in the Sky’ for quite some time and when I saw there is Dinner in the Sky Athens I was absolutely sure I have to try it out! It was not just the experience of dining in the sky that sounded amazing to me, but to have the view over the Acropolis while dining was even more tempting.

Launched in Brussels back in 2006, Dinner in the Sky, with a presence in more than 60 countries, started its operation in Athens in 2015. Since that time, the team has welcomed more than 21.500 guests from all over the world and the experience has been rated as one of the Best Restaurants in Athens! It is a multi-awarded extraordinary culinary proposal that welcomes 22 guests along with the Chefs who prepare a 6-course menu, which is served at 40 meters up in the sky. 

I had the Starlit Acropolis Dinner and it was truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience. I absolutely loved the view and the food was delicious too. Each dish was distinguished by its meticulous authenticity and culinary creativity, and it was paired with awarded Greek wines. 

Dinner in the Sky takes you to heaven, while the nightlife of Athens “awakens”. As the table slowly rotates you get views ranging from the sculpturally lit Acropolis, the surrounding mountains, the sea and of course the Athenian cityscape. There are a few different dinner options from which you can choose and you can discover them all here. 

The dinner lasts for about an hour and a half, and I would highly recommend you to anyone who would like to get a unique dining experience. It is perfect for a date night or just to go out with friends and enjoy some amazing views. 

After posting the experience on my Instagram I got quite a few messages asking if it wasn’t scary and that perhaps it is too extreme. Honestly, I feel a bit dizzy from heights, but since the platform goes up very slowly and in a very balanced way, I did not get dizzy at all. So, I would say that the experience is quite safe and not extreme at all. 

It is also only operating from May until October, to ensure that you have good weather and can get the most of it.

So to conclude, Dinner in the Sky Athens was really an amazing experience and I would certainly dine in the sky again. 


Tina J x 




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