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The New Year has just started and what a better reason than that to add a few new glamorous pieces to your wardrobe?

As you know, I am constantly on the search for new fashion brands and good pieces to add to my collection and I recently discovered an absolute gem! Selfie Leslie has such a great variety of dresses that are both elegant and sexy! They have various lengths, designs and colours and it is so much fun to scroll through all the cool designs.

I have picked a couple of amazing pieces, some of them perfect for a casual day out and others for a glamorous night out in the city. 

Let me show you some of my top picks:

This glitter party dress is a must have for a weekend night out. It looks amazing on, I absolutely love the fit, the colour and the length.

This green jumpsuit is another favourite of mine! I wear it as a daily outfit, but it is quite glamorous and can easily transform into a perfect outfit for a night out if you wear with a pair of high heels. I also love the fact that it looks like a dress, but is a jumpsuit, which makes it even more comfortable. 

 Another beautiful item I got from them is this blush dress. It is the perfect elegant dress for a brunch/lunch out. I love the length and the lace design.

And my absolute favourite from the latest pieces I got from Selfie Leslie is this dark blue dress. It is a super sexy bodycon dress and I absolutely adore the shape it gives me.

Go check Selfie Leslie website now and make sure to use my code: LAELEGANTIA15 for 15% off. I am sure you will find many designs you absolutely love.


Tina J xx


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