Autumn 2017 Looks

As it is already the middle of September and autumn fashion shows have shown us the upcoming trends for this season, I have decided to create a few autumn looks and share them with you!

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Luxury in Red

Can you believe August is almost here? I swear the summer started yesterday..

Well, I guess as it often happens with the good things in life, they come and go much quicker than we realise. I am currently on holidays in Bulgaria and the time is passing even quicker when on the beach..

As I realised that the new season is almost here, I started my search for the most original and extravagant Autumn looks. Just like Lana Del Ray, I start to feel that summertime sadness and have the need to wear my red dress on tonight!

You have seen from my previous looks that red is one of my favourite colours. I love wearing red lipsticks and I absolutely love wearing red outfits! So, as you can already guess my outfit for this week is all in RED!

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Summer in Silk


I often get asked what is my favourite summer outfit. People wonder what garment I would choose if I need to choose just one. For me, the answer is very simple – it will most certainly be a dress!

I would pick a dress all year round really, but there is something even more special about the summer dress. I guess it is the combination of both the loose-fitting flowy designs and the soft touches of silk and chiffon.

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Kissbobo and How to Go Completely Strapless!

Hello Summer!

There are only a few days left until the 21st of June, the official start of the long awaited summer season!  Absolutely nothing gets me more excited than the start of the summer season. I am a beach person, so for me the best thing that can happen is to have sunny weather all day long and not even a slight chance of rain in the forecast! I also much more prefer the summer closet full of fun colors and backless dresses!

The summer for me is all about short crop tops and strapless outfits! I am not a big fan of bras, however, it gets even worse in the summer, when you want to wear a see-through top or a backless dress and your bra is showing..

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