An oasis in the heart of Covent Garden

As you might have heard, Clos Maggiore is one of the ‘hot-spots’ in the city at the moment. The French restaurant is particularly famous because of its flower room.

The decor of the restaurant is indeed very unique and intriguing. Both, the food and the service are excellent as well. When I visited the place, I had the Fresh Maine Lobster as a starter and the Oven Roasted Whole Corn Fed Spring Chicken as a main course, and I was quite happy with my choice. I would say that there is a good variety of options in the menu, which would satisfy any taste.

However, the time in advance that you need to plan your visit to Clos Maggiore can be a challenge. In order to be seated in the flower room, you need to book your table at least two months in advance. As you can imagine, it is often hard to plan dinner two months ahead. It is easier to get a table for lunch, but I personally prefer to go out for dinner.

If you are good with planning things ahead, I would definitely recommend you to visit the place as the experience is worthed. Though, when booking your table, make sure you specify that you want to be seated in the flower room.




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