Milan – The Fashion City Break


It was my mum’s birthday few weeks ago, so I though what could be a better present than a trip to Milan.  Known as the Italian capital of fashion and design, Milan is the perfect spot for a ladies’ city break. Art collections, unparalleled shopping, sparkling nightlife, the mark of Leonardo da Vinci’s genius, and endless opportunities to eat the best of Italian food make Milan a perfect holiday destination.



There are various things you can visit in Milan, but for me the absolute must see are the Cathedral Duomo, Galleria Vittorio Emanuele, Teatro Alla Scala, and some of the classic art galleries (if you are into art). Another interesting thing to visit at the moment is the Expo 2015. It hosts 144 nations from all over the world, and there is a rich programme of supporting Expo events around the city.

Shopping hot-spots

The places you must visit for shopping are Galleria Vittorio Emanuele, Via 11377990_392946314236604_64781234_nMontenapoleone and Via Sant’Andrea. There you will find all luxurious brands, such as Louise Vuitton, Prada and Dolce & Gabbana.

11355913_910890765640241_1128487055_nAnother place to visit is Corso Buenos Aires, a 3km long street full of Italian boutiques. There are also lots of outlets and shopping centres around the city, which you might want to visit if you have extra time. In general, I would say that the prices in Milan are lower for the Italian brands, compared to everywhere else in Europe. So, if you are a fan of Italian fashion plan a trip to Milan ASAP!

Restaurants and Bars

A great place to go for dinner, with a nice view, is Porta Genova. This is a street full of 11357534_463839100441965_557637296_ntraditional Italian restaurants and bars around the canal; a very vibrant place, which gets extra busy in the evenings. There are also many nice restaurants around the Duomo Cathedral.

A nice cocktail spot, with a breath-taking view embracing part of the historic centre, is La Terrazza de La Triennale. The Armani/Bamboo Bar is another place that you should visit. Overlooking the magnificent Milan skyline, this exclusive cocktail lounge inside the Armani Hotel Milano is the perfect place to enjoy a cocktail with a view. I would also recommend Caffe Miani, one of the best bars in Galleria Vittorio Emanuele. For the past 100 years, this bar has seen a repeated succession of the prestigious Milanese aperitifs Campari and Zucca outbidding each other to trademark it.


I travelled to Milan at the beginning of June and honestly, I did not expect the weather to be so warm… It turned out that even in June the temperature is around 30 – 33 degrees. As you can imagine that is a bit TOO hot for spending all day around the shops…but try to explain that to my mum! So, unless you are a fan of extra hot weather, I would advise you to plan your visit in the spring or the autumn.



Tina J xx


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