Few Simple Tricks That Will Make You Look Taller

It is no secret that women are obsessed with the idea of being tall and would do anything to look taller! That is why we love high heels so much..

Here are few simple tricks that will certainly help you look taller:

Wear skirts with the right length

Short skirts definitely look great on shorter girls, as they make their legs look longer. However, if you think a short skirt is not good for the office, the ‘pencil’ style skirt with length to your knee is the solution. The same rule applies to dresses.

Do not wear shoes that hide your ankle

Shoes that hide your ankle optically shortens your figure. Try to create visual length by wearing high heels in nude or light pink color, as Scarlett Johansson has done on the picture below.


Make sure that people are looking at the right places

On the left picture, Salma Hayek makes your eyes automatically focus on her short legs; while Salma on the right makes you look at the classical silhouette on her black trousers, which gives you the impression that she is taller.

Love, Tina J x


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