What Does The Colour of Your Lipstick Tells About You?


You might be surprised but there is a correlation between your personality and the color of lipstick you like wearing. According to the fashion psychologist Karen Pine, the colour of your lipstick reveals your character. She analyses the 6 most popular lipstick colour and here is what she says about each one of them:



The pink lipstick expresses innocence. Bright pink, however, shows insecurity and a desire for closeness. It is preferred by women who haven’t yet discovered their true nature. The fashion of electric pink lipsticks was introduced by Emma Stone in 2013.


This colour talks about balance, playfulness and enthusiasm. Women who pick coral know how to attract attention on themselves. They are confident in themselves and their abilities. Jessica Alba made a furor in 2013 when she appeared on the red carpet with coral coloured lips.



This is the colour of the most passionate and energetic women. They are brave and very sexy. One of the staunchest admirers of the red lipstick among celebrities is Taylor Swift.


This colour is a combination of power and mystery. The ladies wearing it are hard to read and in order to get to know them, you will need a lot of patience and time. Jennifer Lopez was the one to bring the trend around in 2012, and you can still see her wearing that color quite often.



These ladies have creative nature. They are positive, sophisticated and love long conversations. The purple admirers are distinguished by their uniqueness, like Rihanna and Charlize Theron.


The nude color suggests that you are very open and straightforward person. At the same time, women wearing this colour are quite vulnerable and trusting. They are ready to find the good in anything. Kerry Washington is a typical example of a women wearing nude colors.

There is also the type of women who prefer not to wear lipstick all the time. These women are probably the most open and honest ones. By not wearing a lipstick, they express their unwillingness to play any games. A good example is Gwyneth Paltrow.



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