Galvin at Windows


Last Saturday I went for dinner at the Galvin at Windows. This restaurant has maintained a Michelin star every year since 2009.With over 30 awards to its name Galvin at Windows is one of the great success stories of recent years and a true star of the London restaurant scene.

Few restaurants offer such captivating views of London, and the panorama from the 28th floor is truly amazing! Another brilliant thing about the restaurant is the service, with perfect topping up and attentive, friendly staff.

However, the food was a bit disappointing. We went for the  menu Prestige, the price of which was £75 per person. The first thing which I didn’t like about the menu was that they didn’t have a meal  with chicken. I don’t really like fish (apart from salmon) and I rarely eat beef or pork, so I was only left with the vegetarian option for my main course.

For starter, I had the Cured Loch Fyne salmon, Dorset crab, fennel compote, avocado purée & lemon dressing. It sounded really good, but turned out to be quite tasteless and disappointing.. For main, I chose Tagliatelle of ceps, baby vegetables, cep purée & Parmesan, which was nice, but not too filling. The desserts, however, were very good. They also offer you home made marshmallow, once you finish with your meals, and they were very nice too!

After dinner, we went for few drinks at the bar, which by that time was quite busy. If you intend to go to the bar, I would recommend you to go earlier or have a dinner reservation. Otherwise, you might end up queuing for at least half an hour to enter the bar area.


Love, Tina J x



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