Want it All? The Festive Outfits are Here


As Christmas is approaching, am becoming more and more eager to wear festive outfits!

So, this time I have chosen something more sparkly than usual!

I wore a nice, warm sweater, the accent of which is the print “Want it All”. Who doesn’t especially when it comes to clothes?


I am certainly one of these people, who never has anything to wear! No matter how many clothes I have in my wardrobe, I  will still be saying I DON’T have enough.. But honestly, you can never have enough.. Trends change, your taste changes and you often become bored with what you already have. So, it is quite nice to try something new, like I did for this outfit.

I combined the sweater with sequined shorts, something I have never worn before! However, I thought that in order to make the look more interesting, these shorts were exactly what I needed.

To complete the look, I used black and caramel boots and few gold bracelets.


I am wearing:

Sweater – H&M | Shorts – H&M | Boots – Michael Kors | Lipstick – YSL

Photography by Martyn Leung


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