How to Get the Perfect Eyeliner?

Being able to draw the perfect eyeliner is not an easy job! Even Ariana Grande admits that sometimes she needs superpowers to draw the perfect line.    It doesn’t matter if you twist it at the end or use a template to apply, you just never know what would be the final result. Well, not until now! Makeup artists have shared three simple tricks on how to deal successfully with the difficult task and turn it into a pleasant, beautiful routine.

      1. Start with the basics



You do not need to be a professional make up artist to cope with the basics of the eyeliner. Even if you are not trying to achieve incredible results, you can still create the visual deception of having bigger eyes. The beauty of eyeliner lies in the fact that it enlarges the eye and makes your lashes look thicker. All you have to do is follow the line of the lashes. That will allow you to draw a thin line, which will give the illusion of more expressive eyelashes.

 2. Choose the right product

The key for making the perfect eyeliner is in having the right product. Thus, it is recommended to opt for the liquid option, as it is much easier to work with and also easier to take off if you make a mistake. Stay away from the gel eyeliner with a brush, as it is much harder to apply and requires much more precision.

3. Change your approach

Most women start drawing their eyeliner from the base of the eye. However, it is much easier for beginners to start from the end. The end of the eyeliner needs to be on the same line as the end of the eyebrows. This technique is easier, as it sets the perfect angle for the shape of the eye.

Love, Tina J X

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