10 Types of Shoes Which Every Woman Should Have!

Every woman knows that you can never have too many pairs of shoes! Unfortunately, it is not possible to get all the shoes out there…

So, in order to organize your closet and have the right shoes for each occasion, I have come up with a list of 9 types of shoes you should certainly have:

  1. Flats

A pair of flats is always needed, as they are both comfy and  easy to wear. They look good not only with jeans, but also with a nice daily dress or skirt!

2. Classic pair of Heels

Who doesn’t need a pair of classic heels?  Weather for a nice dinner in the city or a work event, you will always look stylish in a pair of these.

3. Sneakers

After a busy week at work, the only think I want to wear during the weekend is SNEAKERS! So comfy and nice with a tracksuit or pair of jeans.

4. Comfortable Flat Boots

The shoes I wear most in the winter are flat boots! They can be combined with sporty outfits, but also with office dresses. I love heels, but it is just not realistic to wear them everyday for 10 hours. Flat boots are also perfect for the rainy winter days.

5. Ankle Boots

Ankle boots with block heel are what you need for your Autumn/Winter wardrobe! They look elegant, but in the same time the block heel gives you the comfort of a flat shoe.

6. Wedges

Similar to the block heels, wedges are elegant, but in the same time comfortable to wear. They are perfect match to your summer outfits. If you want to bring some sexiness to your jeans look, put on your wedges!

7. Colourful High-heeled Sandals


These shoes are perfect for adding accent to your outfit and experimenting a bit with the colors. If you want to impress someone with your outfit, these are the right shoes for the occasion. You will definitely be noticed in these!

8. Comfortable Sandals

These shoes are what you need in the hot summer days! Whether on the beach or in the city, you certainly need a pair of them. I personally prefer the ones in bright colors and with gold elements.

9. Brogues & Loafers

These shoes will make you look neat and tidy. They will also make you look very professional if you combine them with a pair of classic black trousers.

Love, Tina J


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