Who are the most successful Bulgarian Designers?

There are few really good Bulgarian designers right now, but Liviq Stoqnova and Qsen Smoilov are certainly our top designers at the moment.

The duo has ones again successfully presented their collection at the Paris fashion week.

The new collection called “The Bird ” marched on the first day of the fashion week, immediately after Karl Lagerfeld’ pieces for Chanel and Swiss designers Serge Rufe and Lucy Meyer for Dior.¬†

The Bulgarians are within the top world designers and have again proven that by their new collection, warmly welcomed by the critique.

As Nowfashion stated: ”It was high fantasy at On Aura Tout Vu, where the couture house’s dynamic duo sprinkled everything around them with an irresistible and compelling energy”.

Since the duo opened their fashion house 15 years ago, they have achieved great results. You can see On Aura Tout Vu¬†pieces on celebrities like Naomi Campbell, Lady Gaga and Isabelle Adjani. Even Madonna wore one of their pieces on her current tour ”Rebel Heart”.

Here are some of the pieces presented at this year’s Paris Fashion Week:


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