Worst Looks in the History of Oscars

We have all seen lots of breathtaking outfits at the Academy Awards red carpet over the years. However, have you ever thought which ones were the worst?

The Academy Awards is the most important event of the year for many stars.Thus, there is a lot of pressure on their outfits and sometimes they really miss the marks on the red carpet… As the 88th Awards took place 3 days ago, I decided to dig out some of the worst outfits in the history of Oscars.

Woopi Goldberg

It is still a mystery what was going on with Whoopi Goldberg’s 1993 Academy Awards look. She donned a wild purple and lime ensemble with an open skirt over it…Simply unforgettable combination..

Gwyneth Paltrow

Here is Alexander McQueen Gothic look with which Gwyneth arrived on the red carpet in 2002. Definitely one of hers worst ever looks..

Sharon Stone

Yikes! You just can’t look away from this pearly bubble skirt and jacket from Sharon’s 1995 Academy Awards look. She just looked like a pumpkin that night…



Who doesn’t love swans? They are soo amazing! But to dress like one? That is an absolute NO! Bjork look at the 2001 Academy Awards was honestly one of the worst ever dress choices.



In 1986 Cher thought she was heading to a burlesque show rather than the Academy Awards. She wore this black Bob Mackie number with a 2-foot high headpiece. Get your events straight!

Uma Thurman

Her 2004 Academy Awards gown was a complete disaster. The layered jewelry reflected the excessive style of the times, but this dress wouldn’t be excused in any decade!

Sophia Loren

I love Sophia Loren and her style. However, in 2009, she attended the Academy Awards in Los Angeles looking more like a cupcake than an Hollywood movie star.


So, if you ever go to the Academy Awards, try not to copy these looks!

Love, Tina J x




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