Fashion Is Ageless?

As usual for a Sunday morning, I stayed in bed till late and browsed through the internet for some fashion inspirations, while drinking my morning coffee!

I was looking for the latest trends and some new ideas, when I came across these amazing pictures, and I thought I should definitely share them with you!

In fashion it is often claimed that certain trends are for ”the young” as they are too provoking or just too modern to be worn by a senior person! It is also a common belief that old people are not very fashionable and as some even think they are not very interested in the way they look. Senior people are often seen as wearing boring stuff and never dressing too colourful..

I have always been against such views, as I believe fashion to be ageless! I can never imagine myself as not being fashionable and not caring about my look, no matter how old I am.

The pictures I am about to share are a proof of my view and can be seen as a true inspiration to people from all ages. They demonstrate how various trends and styles can be worn by senior citizens and look more than amazing.

Enjoy the pictures and remember FASHION IS AGELESS:


Love, Tina J x


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