Luxury in Red

Can you believe August is almost here? I swear the summer started yesterday..

Well, I guess as it often happens with the good things in life, they come and go much quicker than we realise. I am currently on holidays in Bulgaria and the time is passing even quicker when on the beach..

As I realised that the new season is almost here, I started my search for the most original and extravagant Autumn looks. Just like Lana Del Ray, I start to feel that summertime sadness and have the need to wear my red dress on tonight!

You have seen from my previous looks that red is one of my favourite colours. I love wearing red lipsticks and I absolutely love wearing red outfits! So, as you can already guess my outfit for this week is all in RED!


Red is my ultimate source of energy. According to ancient legends, as the colour of fire and blood people who wear red would be surrounded by power and strength. That is why the, for instance the colour associated with the Roman emperor was red and the flag of Rome was also red. I am not too sure how true these legends are, but the colour definitely brings luxury and strength to each look.

Indeed, once again I have chosen a completely red look, but this time it is one of the most unique red pieces I have shared with you on the blog.

I love combining colors, as it allows me to experiment more with my looks and to make them more noticeable. However, it is not only the combination of colours that turns a look into art.

In the case of the outfit I wore for this week’s look, it was all about the details, which made it so unique. Wearing just one colour gives the opportunity to experiment more with the design and the accessories you wear with an outfit, and this jumpsuit is the ultimate proof.

I felt in love with it exactly because of its beautiful red colour and the abstract design. I have always been a couture fan, and I loved the feeling of wearing such an incredible couture piece. What makes this design so unique though, is the luxury fabric used. Indeed, the fabric is the key component of a successful design, especially when it comes to couture.



I wore:
Earrings – Lily and Rose | Jumpsuit – Salma Helmy | Lipstick – MAC

Love, Tina J xx


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