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We are already two months and a half into the new year and I have been working hard crossing off things from my NY resolutions list! One of the things on my list, which I always try to start the new year with, is a NEW ME in the sense of my fashion style! I love experimenting with my looks, so every year I try to start by finding new styles and new designs with which to improve my fashion vision.

What I find extremely helpful in improving my style are shops that offer a variety of brands and products!

Have you ever been in a shop where you can find such a great variety of products that you no longer know what you went for in the first place? There is this special shopping place where you can find everything, from the latest fashion trends and high-end fashion designers to the best make-up cosmetic brands and great homeware items. Not only that you can find all these things at the same place, but they are often up to 60% off the RRP.

No, this is not a fictional place, created by the fantasy of a fashion lover like me! This place exists and its name is TK Maxx!

As you can tell there are many reasons why I love TK Maxx. In their stores, you can find many of the brands you love and many items are often 60% off the retail price. Because TK Maxx has such great prices this really helps me to get more creative with my looks, as I can often find more amazing one off gems for less. I love shopping in the Gold Label section at TK Maxx which is where you can shop various high-end designer brands for less.

As you know by now, I am not just a clothes lover! I am absolutely obsessed with shoes, bags and make-up and you can find all of these at TK Maxx. In fact, the range of products and brands available is just another reason why I absolutely adore shopping at TK Maxx! The fact that they have so many different brands in their stores means that I can always spot unique styles, which I would often not even look for. In addition, the TK Maxx stores receive new items delivered a few times per week, so even if you go there every day you will still discover new things! The fact that TK Maxx offers everything from head to toe, and even things for your home decor, makes it the absolute perfect place for my New Year – New Me goal.

As a loyal TK Maxx shopper, I have a few insider tips to share with you for a more successful shopping!
For instance, I always go in the morning, as I find it much quieter and easier to spot those one off unique gems you fall in love with instantly.
Another important tip is to bring a drink and a snack with you, as you might end up spending a few hours in there. However, if you forget to do so, don´t worry, they even sell snacks in store!
Another tip is to start with bags and shoes, as I find it is much easier to try them on before I go grabbing all the 1,000 clothing pieces I want to try on in the changing rooms.
Another key rule is to always buy the items you cannot decide if you certainly want. The reason for this is very simple – because TK Maxx has such great prices and there are often only one or two pieces in a size, they go super quick, so if you see it and love it, then grab it! If you go home and decide you don´t want the item, you can always return it. However, there is no worse feeling than the regret of not getting that one amazing piece!
My final tip is to visit different TK Maxx stores! Unlike other shops on the high street, TK Maxx has deliveries every week and you never know what you will find so there are always amazing items waiting to be discovered.

There is no much point of telling you more about how great TK Maxx is! What you should really do is go check it out and get convinced for yourself that what I have told you is just a small part of how great the shopping at TK Maxx is!

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  1. March 18, 2018 / 9:33 pm

    TKMAX is such a cool store,
    you find there everything.
    Such a lovely post hun 🙂

    take a look at my BLOG and also INSTAGRAM

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