What are the best trends for Spring/Summer 18

The Spring/Summer collections are always my favorite ones of the year! It is certainly liked to the fact how much I love the warm days and the colorful dresses, and how much I hate wearing 10 thousand layers on me.

This year, the Spring/Summer collections have surprised me very positively, by presenting some of my most loved fashion trends. Here is the list of the top HOT trends for this season:

  1. Sequins & Glitter

It is certainly understated to say that sequins and glitter will be the hit this summer! They will be absolutely everywhere – from shoes to tops! Ever since I was a little girl, I adore everything that is sparkly and glittery, so this trend is my top pick for the season for sure! If you like glitter, but you are scared it´s too much during the day, simply wear them with a sweatshirt for a more ´daytime´ look! Here is me, wearing my gold glitter jacket:



This season we are going for the delicate pastel colors. You will see all shades of lilac, pink, lemon or duck egg blue! It is true that they are very gentle and feminine, but it does not mean that you cannot combine them with some extravagant pieces, such as plastic pants for instance, for a more statement look.


It is the time for checks to shine again! They vary from very gentle prints as seen in Victoria Beckham’s collection, to super extreme, as in the new Burberry collection! The THING to do if you are feeling brave is to combine different patterns of check in your look. Here is a pic of me and my check jacket:



As seen in the previous few collections, plastic is once again here! It sharted with shoes, but now plastic is also in tops, skirts, jackets and even trousers! Its waterproof material is perfect for the summer rain showers in places like London, but honestly, in Barcelona I might die from the heat! I still love it though.


Who does not love fringing? It made a surprise comeback from the past and it looks like it is here to stay for at least one more season (keep an eye for it in the fall collections).

Bold colors

After all we are talking about the warm months of the year, and what would they be, if there are no bold colors involved? My personal favorite this season is yellow and pink, what´s yours?


Sheer, sheer and again sheer! I am totally obsessed with sheer! Dior seems to be on the same page as me, you should check the dresses from their SS collection! And here is my latest sheer look:


The ruffles we have seen in the fall collections are also staying one more season! I found then extremely attractive especially for a photoshoot! The movements of the ruffles help you make one of the most amazing pictures!


Multiple bags

Gucci, Chanel and Dolce & Gabanna all styled their models with two or even three handbags for their SS18 shows! Honestly, why was this trend not discovered before?? I have always struggled to fit all the things I need in one handbag. The struggle is super real when we talk about clutch bags, don´t you agree? So, for those of you who wear tote bag and a handbag you’re seriously ahead of the game!


So, what do you guys think of the latest SS trends?



TinaJ xx


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