How bold can your sheer look be?

As you have seen from my previous post about the SS18 top trends, sheer is once again in the first positions! I love sheer for many reasons, mainly because it is super pretty and gives an extra feminine touch to your look, but also because it is perfect for the warm months.

It has been used more and more often for dresses, but now you can see many options for sheer tops too! You can find them in many different styles, from a simple touch added to your cotton top, to a top made of sheer completely. The total sheer tops are completely transparent and for that reason are often worn on top of other clothes.

If you follow my looks carefully, even before seeing the top I went for, you can imagine that I chose the fully transparent & sparkling option. I like taking risks and for me to show on the street with a fully transparent top is the highest level of boldness you can take with your sheer look!

Why did I go for such a bold look? It is simple:

First, if you wear this top full of decoration on top of another top, you will destroy its design.

Second, the look is much more original and certainly more catchy if you dare to wear the top on its own.

Third, I am preparing my summer holidays looks and this is something I would go for in the beach resorts. P.S. I am bold with my looks sometimes, but not sure I would be bold enough to go out in the city like this…

I have created similar looks before, but with tops that have more decoration and do not look totally transparent.

If you are going for a totally transparent sheer look, the only way to keep its design without destroying it is by wearing it with a strapless and backless bra! The stick on bras are really the only option to wear such top and to keep all its glamour!

Such bra even looks like an additional decoration to your look and is perfect for the days/nights you will spend on your beach holiday. I got mine from Kissbobo and I am super happy with how it looks and how comfortable it is.

I combined my sheer top with bright blue colored trousers to create a contrast between the nude top and the bottom. I would also wear this top with a high waisted skirt. I chose nude shoes with similar decorations as the top to get a link between the first and the last part of the look. As the shoes were laced up, I but the laces on top of the trousers, as otherwise the beautiful decoration would have been lost.


What do you think of this look? Would you go for something as bold?



Tina J xx



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  1. Beatris
    May 27, 2018 / 5:27 pm

    Your top is so pretty! Love that look

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