Mallorca Beach Day

You have probably realized from my Instagram stories already, how obsessed I am with the beaches in Mallorca. They are totally my favorite at the moment! I have been to many places in Europe and my top choices, beach wise, are Greece, Formentera and Mallorca. Why do I like the beaches in Mallorca so much? I will tell you now!

I currently spend most of my weekends in Mallorca, as it is only a 20 min flight from Barcelona and the beaches cannot be compared! The only bad thing about Barcelona is that the only nice beaches around are in Costa Brava, which is 1.5-2 hours drive from the city, so I much more prefer to just go to Mallorca.

What I absolutely love about the beaches in Mallorca is that every single cala is magical! Everywhere you go, you find incredible little beaches with crystal clear water and nice white sand!

My favorite place on the Island is the area of Cala D´or as I think it has the best beaches! They are small and charming and are extremely pretty to dive in. I saw an octopus while I was swimming last weekend and it was the prettiest thing ever! The water there is so clear that you can easily see meters down to the bottom of the ocean.

There are beautiful beaches across the whole island, but if you want to avoid the summer crowds, there are many amazing calas which are only reachable by boat. There are many options for renting small boats for a day and you do not need a license for it, so it is certainly an option to consider. After all, it is the price of a few drinks in the bar, but the experience is certainly much more worth it!

What are my recommendations for beaches on the island? One of my fav beaches around Cala D´or are Cala Sa Nau, Parc Natural de Mondrago & the beaches near Porto Colom. 

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