Polka Dots and Village Vibes

I am sure you have seen from my instagram story that I just came back from a break in Bulgaria!

Surprisingly for July, the weather was quite bad..It kept raining every day and almost felt like being in the tropics. Luckily I still had time to go to the beach and enjoy a bit of sun.

Apart from going to the Bulgarian seaside which I love so much, there is this one other place which I love visiting every time I go back home.

It is the village of my grandma, which I have already mentioned in one of my previous posts (you can check it here)!

It is one of the smallest villages I have ever seen with less than 70 residents living there. Another interesting fact about it is that it is part of the UNESCO Heritage with 76 houses named monuments of culture.

I love the place especially because how quite it is, but also because of the authentic design of the houses. It feels like the time there has stopped completely and once you enter the village you go back a few centuries in time.


I absolutely love taking pictures there as they always turn super arty (or at least I think so). For my latest shoot there I decided to wear one of my new sets with a bit of a retro vibe. It is a polka dot set (a cropped top and a short skirt) in a vintage pink color.

As I am sure you know, polka dots are one of the fashion hits this season and I absolutely love that the trend is back!

I also managed to find a rose with the same color in the garden of my grandma, which made the perfect accessory to my look.

Another trend which is back this summer is the hoop earrings. So to finish this look I used gold hoop earrings and sunglasses with gold glass reflection. I am obsessed with reflection sunglasses since they came out a few seasons ago.




I also managed to get a retro S class Mercedes into my vintage shoot! This model used to be my favorite when I was little and I believe it is still one of the most comfortable cars ever made. Apparently, it took Mercedes more than a decade to design it.



On this picture, you can see my grandma ´museum´ wall in her house. Here she has collected old items from the generations in the family before us, which they have used in their everyday life. To explain every item I would have to write another blog post, but it is basically a variety of items from clothes, to the cooking and agriculture instruments they were using back in the time. Some of the items are 150 years old others are around 50 years old.

Magic Ponytail Hair Extensions 

Hope you liked this look!

I wore: 

Set – Loavies I Wigs- Niawigs I Earrings – Zara I Hat – from a street market in Sozopol


Tina J xx


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