Dinner At the Ritz Carlton, Washington DC

As I said in my previous post, apart from the sightseeing and the amazing museums in Washington, another thing we really enjoyed was the food!

The second night of our visit to Washington, we went for the most amazing dining experience we have ever had! Are you curious to find out what was so special? I will tell you now!

The dinner was at the West End Bistro, at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Washington. We had the Chef´s table experience and it was really incredible. The West End Bistro is one of the few, if not the only, Chef’s Table in the city that allows a guest to customize the full menu in an informal and interactive setting.

Two weeks before our visit, we filled in a questionnaire with around 10 questions, asking about the flavours we like, our dietary requirements and the extent to which we are willing to experiment with the food we are going to try. While filling in the questionnaire we were extremely curious to find out why they needed all this info, but the answer exceeded our expectations!

It turned out that the Chef and his team have designed a menu according to the answers we have put in our questionnaire. The dishes which we tried were not to be found in the West End Bistro menu, and that made them even more special!

In addition, the intimate seating at the Chef´s table permits highly personalized service from the Chefs themselves and ample opportunities to discuss a dish’s ingredients and inspiration.  The team was extremely nice and welcoming, which also added to the greatness of this experience! Every time a dish was presented to us, the Chef who made it would come up and explain what he has prepared for us and how it relates to our questionnaire answers.

Guests may also choose to include a wine pairing, cocktail pairing, mocktail pairing or beer pairing with their meal. We had the wine pairing and it was amazing! The selection of wines was excellent and each wine was carefully selected according to the dish it would compliment.

I bet you are curious to read what was included in our menu, so I have prepared the list for you. You can now read it and don´t forget to scroll down and see all the pictures from that night:

Our menu consisted of 6 dishes:

  • A dip with sweet potatoes chips
  • Salmorejo
  • Grilled Avocado
  • Truffle Pasta
  • Hanger Steak
  • Mango Cheesecake
  • and one extra dessert (as I am a dessert addict), which was an avocado ice-cream with olive oil!












Tina J xx


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