Autumn Vibes with Femme Luxe

Hi guys,


Hope you are all well and enjoying the start of the Autumn, as much as I do!

Well, I am currently in Barcelona, and the autumn hasn´t really started yet, as it is still quite warm, but I have started preparing my autumn wardrobe and I am super excited to shall you all of my fav autumn looks in the upcoming months.

This week I will share with you some of my fav new autumn items from Femme Luxe!


I love all seasons as each one of them has its own distinct character and special spirit! I love the summer as everything is fun and you wear super ´´fresh´´ one layered clothes! However, after all the heat during the summer months, I am always happy to welcome back the autumn!

The autumn brings a whole new scene and its colors and falling leaves are what I love the most. It is like a second spring where every leaf is a flower!

With the autumn comes the need for some more layers and long sleeves and the need to reorganize your wardrobe and put away the summer clothes! Another thing that comes with it is, of course, all the fun of shopping and choosing your new autumn looks!

One of my shopping stops this season has been Femme Luxe, as they are offering many stylish pieces at a very good price!

I love colorful clothes and even though I tend to go for more dark colored combos during the autumn, I still love wearing colorful pieces!

This explains why I chose this fun oversized knit top from Femme Luxe with my recent order!

I love oversides knit pieces, as I often wear them instead of a jacket! They are also super easy to combine, as you can wear them with legging, jeans or even skirts!

Another fun piece which I got from Femme Luxe, is this cropped ´Vogue´ Top! This season I am really obsessed with cropped tops and I love how they look with jeans and latex leggings! Also when combined with high knee boots, they look absolutely great! So do not think that with the summer the time for cropped tops has gone!

As I said, you can find many fun cropped tops on Femme Luxe! Apart from the Vogue top, I also got this knitted cropped top, with which I filmed a video for youtube yesterday, so you will be able to see my look there soon!

Other things that I got from there are these latex leggings, which I am planning to combine with another knitted top and this knitted dress which I will wear to parties with a bodysuit underneath!

I will be sharing with you my looks with these two items on instagram soon! So keep an eye for them!

Another autumn item which I got from their shop are these black & white trousers, which I absolutely adore!

What about you, do you already have fav items for the autumn season? What about fav trends?

One of the most popular autumn trends this year, which I absolutely love are the animal prints, though you have to be very careful with how you combine them! I also love the trend of statement headwear and of course, the come back of the checks! They seem to be everywhere now and I can’t wait to create some looks with them soon!

In my next post, I will show you some more of my favorite autumn looks and what I am planning to wear in the upcoming months!



Tina J xx



  1. Inna
    October 24, 2018 / 7:09 am

    I love this cropped top! Will check them out

  2. Ines
    October 31, 2018 / 8:47 am

    I really love this vogue top that you are wearing!

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