Ethical Fashion Brands To Keep in Your Radar

There is a growing demand for ethical fashion, as more fashion enthusiasts desire to spend for good causes. This has come about in light of complaints about how many fashion brands treat or pay their workers poorly. In order to restore the reputation of the fashion industry in general, a number of ethical brands have popped up in recent years. If you want to spend on new clothes while also helping a community of workers be sure to keep these brands in your radar.ffsfsd



Image Source: Tonle’s Facebook

Tonle is brand based in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, and it is dedicated to providing clothes made with ethical practices and zero waste. The store’s design process focuses on using waste generated by other factories. They first comb through a textile waste stream to pick out quality remnants and then use the rest of the leftovers to make other pieces.

The workers earn fair wages and benefits and are entitled to vacation packages, free lunch, and training opportunities. They’re even given the chance to be promoted to management positions.

Thought Clothing


Image Source: Thought Clothing’s Facebook

Thought Clothing, which is based in the UK, is a huge supporter of slow fashion. The brand goes for contemporary style through sustainable fabrics like organic cotton, bamboo, and hemp. Their mantra of “Wear me, love me, mend me, pass it on,” is what drives them to design easy-to-wear pieces that last. They offer basic clothing items, as well as nightwear, dresses, and knitwear.

Thought Clothing fosters healthy relationships with their factories and suppliers and also ensures every employee has fair wages and good working conditions.

Outdoor Voices

Image Source: Outdoor Voices’ Instagram

For your athletic needs, you can browse through Outdoor Voices’ collection. The brand’s style is bold but also minimalist, and the pieces they offer are appropriate for any kind of athletic activity, be it yoga, gym workouts, or outdoor activities. The company even released its Exercise Dress, which is promised to withstand intense workouts.

Outdoor Voices manufactures their clothes in the US, China, Vietnam, and Cambodia, but they ensure that all their overseas partners are in compliance with worker safety, fair wages, and benefits. The fabrics they use are made from recycled polyester and sustainably raised wool.

What’s even more exciting is that that Outdoor Voices also offers Student Accounts, which allow users to enjoy 20% off on University styles. This isn’t uncommon for e-commerce brands as they often launch such promos in order to draw the attention of the brick-and-mortar crowd. Some online companies even offer Loyalty Programs, where returning customers who gain access to better bonuses and exclusive offers. There are also promos given when certain tasks within the site are done. This way, these ethical businesses not only reward their workers but also customers for patronizing them.


Image Source: Arizen’s Facebook

Arizen’s clothes are made in Bali, Indonesia, where the brand follows fair labour practices safe work environments. The company describes its style as “dressing to the true form of your etheric body with apparel that feels good to the soul.” It sells a variety of items, from tops, to bottoms, dresses, jackets, and to accessories.

For the clothes, the brand only uses low impact and non-toxic dyes, as well as fabrics that have gone through eco-certified processing plants.

In case you need any more updates on fashion, be sure to visit La Elegantia’s fashion section.



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